14 skills you need to be a successful GIS professional

14 skills you need to be a successful GIS professional
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In recent times, Geographic Information System (GIS) has become one of the areas where data has exploded and revolutionized. As a result, a lot of opportunities abound and more Geographers are aiming to make a career and become Professionals in the field.  It has become needful to acquire and develop skills to be able to compete.  The GIS is a computer system used to acquire, store and manipulate spatial and geographical data from the field with the aim of proffering solutions to economic problems relating to location, population and natural hazards and(or) resources.

As a GIS Professional myself, I built my career from scratch. This has afforded me the privilege of obtaining a vast experience in this field. For those GIS beginners looking to build a career and become professionals in this newly found Goldmine, I present to you fourteen (14) skills you need to become a successful GIS Professional.

1. Basic GIS skills

GIS skills

Be familiar with spatial data, algorithms and the appropriate operations to be carried out where applicable. Data entry and editing, data conversion and corrections, data maintenance, metadata creation and editing are all some of the Basic GIS skills you must be accustomed to. Some remote sensing skills will also be useful since data could be obtained from inaccessible locations. Learn to perform GIS analysis to solve common geographic questions, also try to understand GIS workflow to perform some tasks.  Since GIS is mostly about designs and visuals it will help a lot to get yourself acquainted with basic cartographic and graphic design principles.

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