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20 FREE Satellite Imagery Data Sources

20 FREE Satellite Imagery Data Sources
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2. USSG Earth explorer

The USGS Earth Explorer remains an incredibly rich imagery data source from the remotest to the most urban location, anywhere around the world. For a number of reasons, USGS stands tallest in the provision of abundant free satellite images. With over forty years of the knowledge of the earth, their reputation is unmatched as long as access to Landsat data is concerned. You can easily acquaint yourself with NASA’s ASTER and Shuttle Radar Topography Missions global Digital Elevation Models. USGS grants you full access to NASA’s Land Data Products and Services such as Hyperion’s hyperspectral data, disperse Radar data and MODIS & AVHRR land surface reflectance. There’s no gain-saying that USGS is the best source of free satellite imagery for a very long time.
Use this link to explore the unlimited and unrestricted data access from USSG.

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  1. how can download free images from this source

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