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6 Free Mobile GIS to access and collect field data

6 Free Mobile GIS to access and collect field data
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6 Free Mobile GIS to access and collect field data

Mobile devices offer productivity benefits for GIS, particularly in the field. Cartographers both novice and professionals have taken advantage of this handheld technology to turn it into a useful GIS tool.

Free and open source software for GIS has grown a lot from last years, faster than commercial alternatives and now every GIS expert has several tools to use on desktop PCs and web.

The mobile field is a bit different and few experts are using free and open source mobile GIS, although of good applications exist. Now with the appearance of Android OS phones, a new wave of map applications have been developed.

This article presents some of these most popular free mobile GIS applications that you can download to your device.


1. gvSIG Mobile

gvSIG Mobile

gvSIG Mobile is a version of gvSIG Desktop an OSGeo project under evolution, adapted for mobile devices, with support for shapefiles, KML, GML, GPX, ECW, WMS and images, capable of using GPS.

gvSIG Mobile is ideal for projects that capture and update data in the field. It’s known for having a user-friendly interface.

Among its features there are tools for project management, display of local and remote information (via WMS standard), layers management (symbols), editing data using customized forms, querying alphanumeric information of the elements,  creating GPS waypoints and so on.

So far, gvSIG Mobile is a Geographic Information System, as well as a Spatial Data Infrastructures client for mobile devices. Such a client is also the first one licensed under open source.

Download gvSIG Mobile, access quick guide and start using it!

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  2. And now we’re working in gvSIG Mobile 2.0, based in Geopaparazzi and with integration with gvSIG Desktop and gvSIG Online.

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