Arrogant to think that LiDAR and Sensor industry is driving autonomous vehicles industry

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Michel Stanier, General Manager, Teledyne Optech

Teledyne realises that Artificial Intelligence is an absolute essential component.

Teledyne has expertise and strength in areas of Artificial Intelligence.

Arrogant to think that LiDAR and Sensor industry is driving autonomous vehicles industry.

LiDAR and Sensors are core enablers of autonomous vehicles.
Base maps is the fundamental infrastructure for autonomous vehicles.

Being a global company Teledyne tries to get business everywhere.

Lots of work happening in North America and Europe and we see opportunities there.

Markets like Southeast Asia and Africa are growing and provides ample opportunities to Teledyne.

New infrastructure coming up, cities growing fast, there is no shortage of work across the globe.

The journey has been fascinating.

As a scientist, my focus was more on technology than customer base.

As a COO, you meet clients directly, get first-hand information about their issues with your products. You get to know about the challenges that the clients face. This part is very exciting.

Mobile scanning devices won’t affect our business, but we need to look at each part individually to come to any conclusion.

Don’t want to be the genius with a thousand helpers.

I want to be more effective in the background, have great people working with me.

I really enjoy working with our clients getting to know them and solving problems.

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