Best 10 Open Source Web Mapping Tools that trend for 2017

Best 10 Open Source Web Mapping Tools that trend for 2017
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In last years, the arrival of Web Mapping can be considered as a major new trend in cartography. Web Mapping has become usual within organizations and its usage continues to grow. Normally organizations use Web Mapping tools in order to improve access to geographic information across the enterprise or for particular project work.
If you’re looking to get started with web mapping, there are many open source tools which are better fit to specific needs, whether those needs are displaying something very basic with minimal overhead, or a complex application with many diverse components and integrations.
The goal of this list is to provide basic information about the best open source web mapping tools every GIS specialist or cartographer should consider in 2017.

1. Leaflet

Leaflet has in the past couple of years become one of the most popular options for creating interactive JavaScript maps. It’s basic library is fairly small, making Leaflet a great option for mobile applications or other situations in which load time or size is at a premium. But it also has a ton of available plugins so that you can add on just about any functionality available with a heaftier mapping library.
Leaflet also has a strong documentation project behind it, making it a good choice for beginners, and there are a number of community-contributed examples out there on the Internet for when you get stuck, as well as many examples on the project homepage. Leaflet’s source code is available on GitHub and it is licensed under a BSD license.

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  1. … and Google Maps? I like LefletJS and TurfJS, but Google Maps is a very good tool!

  2. What about GISFile? The open web mapping service for public maps with open source JS tools and GPS server.

  3. No Mapserver? The Oldest one out there?

    or GeoMoose?

    • MapServer is a whole platform for publishing web maps, we are just talking here about tools that allow developing web mapping applications.

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