I hate WebGIS, but I love the wallpaper with maps


How many times have you tried to save a map to be put in the background of your desktop? web-application: I many and I was always on duty “inspect” to remove div and additional texts! Well, then the other day I started to write a little ‘code and I managed to get one convenient and easy to use tool. ...

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#Pgrouting: Analyse comparative d’Isodistances de 500m à partir de Natntes métropole.

           En cartographie, une courbe isochrone est une courbe géométrique délimitant les points accessibles par un véhicule – terrestre ou aérien – en un temps donné (par exemple, la zone pouvant être desservie en moins de 30 minutes par un livreur de pizza ou un dépanneur de matériel informatique).Ou bien en distance parcourue dans ce cas précis on parle d’Isodistance. ...

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QGis 2.14 tutorial: use SVG icons

QGis 2.14: use SVG icons

Using SVG icons in your map improve the possibility to customize it. In this video is shown how to increase the QGIS icon set. My favourite icons website is The Noun Project, where you can find a lot of different icons, vector and raster. Icons are really important for good visualisation of data, but it’s not easy to select them ...

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Getting started with Sentinel-2 Webinar

Getting Started with Sentinel-2 Webinar

Join us on Wednesday 05 October at 14:30 (BST) to discover how you can tap into the benefits of satellite imagery to assist you with your day to day work.

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