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Digitizing using Quantum QGIS

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Digitizing using Quantum QGIS

So, you are comfortable enough with Quantum GIS to open a GIS map and do some simple things like zooming in and out, and dragging your map around. You are now ready to try your own GIS project. But, you have a problem, because the GIS maps you need for your project are not available off-the-shelf.

This means that you are going to have to create your own GIS maps. Most likely, these will be old paper maps, or maps that you have created yourself. But, how will you go about bringing these maps into Quantum GIS? It is a process called digitizing, and digitizing a paper map using equipment that every office has is what this new Udemy Course is about.

Using a no-cost fully-functional GIS and assisted by 28 page course Text that you can download, print out, and write notes on, let me show you, step-by-step, follow-me-along-in-the-video style, my simple 6 Step process for digitizing a paper map using equipment that every office has.


It shows you…

Step 1: How to scan your paper map so that you’re best placed for steps 2 thru 6.

Step 2: How to geo-reference the map you just scanned (put your scan into GIS coordinates) so you can use it as a backdrop for your digitizing.

Step 3: How to create a blank GIS map to digitize into.

Step 4: How to create a donut polygon that will give you a crisp professional looking border for your map.

Step 5: How to set up your digitizing environment so that lines you digitize automatically join with neighboring lines

Step 6: How to on-screen digitize your GIS map using the now geo-referenced scanned map as a backdrop

You get to eavesdrop as he work, and gain insight into dealing with Digitizing Problems that would otherwise take you hours to troubleshoot.


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