Download Global Mapper 17.2 new release with new Map Book Creation Tool

Download Global Mapper 17.2 new release with new Map Book Creation Tool
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Now you can download Global Mapper 17.2, new release announced by Blue Marble Geographics.

The Global Mapper 17.2 Release includes functional enhancements throughout all aspects of the software and it introduces an array of new tools, countless upgrades to existing components, and performance improvements to increase efficiency and productivity.

Download Global Mapper 17.2

Significant enhancements offered in this release include :

  • New Map Layout tool for designing a map book or atlas:GM_Map_Layout

The new Map Layout function in Global Mapper was introduced in version 17.0 and has undergone significant upgrades in the intervening releases. New in version 17.2 is a powerful tool for designing a tiled map book in which all of the pages share a consistent layout structure. This map tile array can be exported to a single PDF file or printed directly. Also added in this version is support for macros in text elements and the option to save multiple map layouts in a single workspace.

  • Support for pan sharpening color imagery :lidar_imagery

To improve the quality of loaded imagery, the latest release includes a tool for pan sharpening color imagery using higher resolution panchromatic (grayscale) imagery.



  • New terrain cutaway view for integrating a linear Path Profile into the 3D View :GM_3D_Point_Styles_Trees

The 3D View in Global Mapper now offers the option to display a cutaway view of the terrain. This new display function renders the Path Profile derived from a simple line feature into the terrain and offers a unique perspective of variations in topography.

  • Several new image cropping options; and performance improvements throughout the application.

Version 17.2 paves the way for the upcoming release of Global Mapper Mobile. Several new tools have been added to Global Mapper to facilitate the exchange of maps and data between the desktop application and the iOS app. More details will be forthcoming at the time of release.

  • Download Global Mapper v17.2 :

For a complete list of new features and enhancements or to download Global Mapper v17.2, visit This link

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