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ERDAS VS ENVI: Which is The Best Remote Sensing Image Processing Software?

ERDAS VS ENVI: Which is The Best Remote Sensing Image Processing Software?
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Image classification is an integral part of image processing. in remote sensing, supervised and non-supervised classifications are all based on spectral information. ENVI in this regard has better parameter setting, choices of classification and more diverse methods. For example, Isodata algorithm in ERDAS software needs six parameters, while ENVI needs 10 parameters. It is crystal clear that ENVI is better in classification. ENVI also shows better controls in non-supervised classification. ERDAS only provides one Isodata algorithm while ENVI provides two; in supervised classification ERDAS provides three algorithms while ENVI provides six.

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  1. With its system of add-ons ENVI is scalable and flexible. Atmospheric correction using radiative transfer modelling or advanced radar processing (interferogram stacking for example) are possible in ENVI in ways ERDAS can’t really compete with.

  2. I’ve used both ENVI and ERDAS for years and they both have their quirks. The user interface with ERDAS has always been easier for me, and in the beginning I struggled for a long time moving to ENVI because of that quirk. ENVI however, seems more robust in terms of offerings. ERDAS is a really cool, black box (if you like that sort of thing),whereas ENVI’s help has always been good training, and they tell you where the algorithms come from. ERDAS’ modelling script language is not so flexible; ENVI’s IDL is super-flexible. ERDAS has a wicked expensive maintenance cost, whereas ENVI’s is more reachable. In the emerging Latin nations, where I’ve lived for 10 years, I’ve seen more use of ENVI, maybe also because has been more easily hacked and thus is more accessible. ENVI seems to give more access to special purpose modules (e.g. dem extraction, atcor, photogrammetry, sarscape) than ERDAS.

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