GBI GeoMarketing & Business Intelligence (China)

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In the age of digital information technology, the essence of digitizing is infor-mationalization. 80% of the digital information on this planet has a strong correlation to locations. Geo-spatial analysis becomes one of the key suc-cess in the contemporary business world. It allows businesses to predict consumer demand, market trends, market opportunities, and most im-portantly, leading the market with unique competitive advantage.

The Geographic Business Intelligence (GBI) is a new form of technology and application developed in a combination of geographic information sys-tem (GIS) and business intelligence (BI). Its ability will help businesses to convert data into knowledge, recognize market opportunities and threats, and obtain business insights. This allows businesses to understand market situation, grasp the trends, identify market anomaly, and understand its pre-sent business progress. In addition, GBI will help businesses to make wise business decisions.

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