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Getting started with QGIS : Data Creation and Editing

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Getting started with QGIS : Data Creation and Editing


This section covers how to create and manipulate spatialdatasets. We will cover how to select features and take measurements before we continue with editing feature geometries and attributes. We will then reproject the vector and raster data and learn how to convert between different file formats. Furthermore, we will join data from text files and spreadsheets to our spatial data. We will also explore the use of temporary scratch layers, learn how to fix common topological errors, and finally, how to load data into spatial databases.
• Creating New Vector Layers
• Working with Feature Selection Tools
• Editing Vector Geometries
• Editing Attributes
• Reprojecting and Converting Vector and Raster Data
• Joining Tabular Data
• Checking for Topological Errors and Fixing Them
• Adding Data to Spatial Databases

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