LiDAR industry, data management and smart cities

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Michel Stanier, COO, Teledyne Optech

It is a good platform to interact with customers and hear what the challenges and opportunities are.

We re-entered in the terrestrial market.

Our Maverick product is the answer to engineering and survey grade products.

On the mobile side, we have introduced 600 Hertz per second scanner.

The business has been very brisk as people can understand our focus.

We have developed a unified work flow called LMS-LiDAR Mapping Suite.

We continue to work with other specialists downstream, focused application and software.

We are pushing more and more to provide homogeneous solutions that are fully integrated.

We are finding that the connection point to bridge the gaps.

LiDAR is an example of geospatial industry that has been completely democratized.

LiDAR are starting to explode in the marketplace.

Optech has been for over 40 years in the LiDAR space.

We are exploring many possibilities to integrate data at different scales.

We are looking for new applications and opportunities with protecting our core business

We believe that we are core player in building smart cities.

We are an enabler for many of these solutions of the future that companies like Google and Apple are bringing to the market.

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