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Photogrammetry – Aero Triangulation

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Photogrammetry II Course, Chapter: Aero Triangulation

This lecture is part of the Photogrammetry II course at BSc level taught by Cyrill Stachniss at the University of Bonn, Germany in the winter term 2015/16.

Slide Information
* The slides have been created by Cyrill Stachniss as part of the photogrammetry and/or robotics courses.
* I tried to acknowledge all people who contributed images or videos. In case I made a mistake or missed someone, please let me know.
* The photogrammetry material heavily relies on the very well written lecture notes by Wolfgang Förstner and the outstanding Photogrammetric Computer Vision book by Förstner & Wrobel.
* Parts of the robotics material, especially the algorithms, stems from the brilliant Probabilistic Robotics book by Thrun, Burgard and Fox.
* Feel free to use the course material, please send me an email to receive the Powerpoint files.

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