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25 Remote Sensing Applications that You Will be Surprised to Know

25 Remote Sensing Applications that You Will be Surprised to Know
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3. Supplying clean drinking water


Simple remote sensing application named base maps are used to keep an eye on where and how much water shortage exist. This information is then used as a base for creating a blueprint for adequate water supply to the affected areas.


4. Monitoring the extent of Urban Growth

3 urban extention

Urbanization is one of the most studied phenomena of the 21st century. Remoting Sensing technology is useful for tracking the progress of this well-known phenomenon. As Estimation, 50 percent people from most developed country live in urban areas compared to tribal one.

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  1. Dr.Jogesh Chandra Deka


  2. Nandakumar Unnikrishnan Narath

    It would have been nice if the world could really practice really use these applications to reality and find solutions to burning issues facing the Nations & the Globe.

  3. Thanks for sharing this article. I will really love to know more on how remote sensing can be used to map out poverty extent.

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