Searching and downloading Earth Observation data programmatically with SkyWatchr

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SkyWatchr is an R package for accessing the SkyWatch API. This API facilitates searching and downloading several climate/atmospheric datasets and satellite imagery, including Landsat-8, Sentinel-2, OCO2 and others.

SkyWatchr allows searching datasets by parameters such as location, date (or time period), data source (either instrument or satellite platform), wavelength bands, data processing level, maximum spatial resolution and maximum cloud cover.

In this video I explain the installation of the SkyWatchr package and provide usage examples of the functions that I’ve included in the package so far.

For more info on the SkyWatchr package please read the post in my blog:

SkyWatchr site on CRAN:

SkyWatch API website:

Request an SkyWatch API key here:

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