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[Step by Step] Setting a Basic Data Entry Form with QGIS

[Step by Step] Setting a Basic Data Entry Form with QGIS
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Setting a Basic Data Entry Form with QGIS

Data Entry is done in many fields, and GIS is no exception. Usually, it involves a lot of typing, which can be time-consuming, prone to errors and really boring. People have a tendency to be creative, which is a good thing, but when you are faced with errors too many times something must be done. Values outside a scale, the same word written five different ways, you get the point. In QGIS you can use a form, which is much better than insert data in a table view. There’s also a little gem called Editing Widgets, or widgets for short. They allow you to predefine certain rules, which will make data entry a breeze, and data validation just a formality.

Download Shapefile data used in this tutorial here >>

Step 1:

Step 1 a

After adding your vector layer, go to its properties and select “Fields” on the left. Then you can see details about your table structure.

Step 1 b

There’s our “Edit widget”, and for all the fields is defined as “Text Edit”. Click on it to see the options. There are many widgets, but for the time being, we’ll use two: DATE/TIME and VALUE MAP.

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