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Top 13 Black Friday Deals for GIS courses

Top 13 Black Friday Deals for GIS courses
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Udemy is offering up their copious amounts of combine GIS knowledge for a very good price at the moment. There are literally thousands of fantastic learning opportunities waiting to be taken.

The GIS Black Friday deal is actually quite the good one, because they don’t let just anyone teach a course within their framework. The instructors are somewhat vetted and the information useful. In fact, the two courses I’ve taken at Udemy have been very well designed and helped to teach a complicated subject about geospatial technologies that I was intently curious about. Not just any scumbag can pretend to be a teacher there.

But these deals won’t last for long, it seems, and they’ll increase every tow days until the final hurrah on 11/25/2016. The schedule for what price these courses are is just below.

11/23 – $14
11/24 – $15
11/25 – $15

But what kind of great GIS courses can you find there? Plenty, and below are a few samples of what can be found here on their main site for the deal.

Below we have links to some of the better deals that you guys and gals might be interested in. These have been hand-picked and curated for their content and general awesomeness.

But don’t wait; this is for a very limited time.

2. Using Open Source Tools to Create an Enterprise GIS

Do you want to learn how to build an Enterprise GIS from scratch using Free and Open Source Software for GIS (FOSS4g)?
In response to the high cost and complexities of implementing an Enterprise GIS, this is an easy-to-follow, hands-on training course allowing students to actually build a multi-user enterprise GIS from scratch using Postgres, PostGIS (free) and Quantum GIS (free). As an added bonus, this training will show how you can add other GIS products (i.e. commercial GIS software) into the enterprise stack as GIS clients.

Course Price : $15 ( Normal Price $50)
Course link :

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