Top 14 Open Source Remote Sensing Software

Top 14 Open Source Remote Sensing Software
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Top 14 Open Source Remote Sensing Software

Information has gone through several changes and revolution in the last decade. Analysts have gone through the “stone age” of analysis and observation. Now, we are in the era of computers. Information gathering has taken a new face. With the appearance of remote sensing, the acquisition of information has been made quicker and easier.
Remote sensing is the acquisition of information about an object or observable facts without making direct contact with the object. Remote sensing is used to observe the earth. It uses satellite- or aircraft-based sensor technologies to detect and classify objects on Earth.
Since its inception, remote sensing software has been divided into two: commercial software and open source software. Open source software is open collaboration software made available to everyone to create, recreate, edit and distribute. Here is a list of the most useful forteen open source remote sensing software:



Grass GIS is free open source application GIS software. It is used for map design, analysis, and image and graphics design. It also used for geospatial analysis and data management. It is equipped with tools to handle raster imaging, vector, topological imaging and temporal tools. It can handle all data relating raster and vector. It also has hi- tech network and satellite tools.

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  1. Thank you I will try some of these open source for my Honours project …..which one do you advuse to use for Invader speciec monitoring ?

  2. Grass is last, gvSig is first….
    Well. Not really serious.

  3. Great articule. Congratulations. But there’s two open source softwares in Brazil used at remote sensing: spring and terraview. I propose include them in this post. Thanks. Sorry for my english.

  4. Pretty comprehensive list. The common-cored ESA Sentinel Application Platform and NASA Seadas are both pretty neat too.

  5. where is erdas imagine? :)

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