Top 15 QGIS Plugins you should use

Top 15 QGIS Plugins you should use
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For those who are wondering how you can choose a QGIS plugin, here is my renovated selection of the best QGIS Plugins. The top 5 was expanded to 15, and I will tell you exactly when, why, and which plugin is suitable for your need.



When you are looking for a QGIS Plugin to connect QGIS with Google Earth, the GEarthView is the best choice.

GEarthView plugin displays QGIS view and features with attributes (selected layer) into Google Earth (also PRO ).

To use the GEarthView plugin, you need to install Google Earth on your computer. It was tested on Ubuntu (Linux), Mac OS X, and Windows, working perfectly fine on all of them.


To manage your metadata within QGIS, use our number 14

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