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Top 15 QGIS Plugins you should use

Top 15 QGIS Plugins you should use
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For those who are wondering how you can choose a QGIS plugin, here is my renovated selection of the best QGIS Plugins. The top 5 was expanded to 15, and I will tell you exactly when, why, and which plugin is suitable for your need.

14. MetaSearch Catalogue Client

MetaSearch Catalogue Client

MetaSearch is a QGIS plugin to interact with metadata catalogue services, supporting the OGC Catalogue Service for the Web (CSW) standard. MetaSearch provides an easy and intuitive approach and user-friendly interface to searching metadata catalogues within QGIS.

It is a friendly GUI for searching. If you haven’t noticed yet, it was included on every QGIS version by default, starting at 2.0.


To create routes, use our pick number 13

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