Top 8 High & Very High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Providers

Top 8 High & Very High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Providers
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..Top 8 High & Very High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Providers

GIS is utterly connected with Remote Sensing and Satellite Imagery. All professional map makers would at least once need a very high-resolution imagery to view, digitize or analyze the area of their interest.

While there is an abundance on the web with freely available imagery sources, such as “Google Satellite”, “Bing Aerial”, “ESRI Imagery” or “Mapbox Satellite”, there may come the necessity of a really high-resolution image directly into your GIS. And this means that you may have to search for a number of other sources, and most of the times to purchase the imagery. Even the giant companies mentioned before, have purchased imagery in order to provide us their services.

What is essential for selecting the appropriate imagery for your area and case of study is:
● the date of the imagery was taken,
● the satellite used,
● the bands available and
● (the most crucial of all) the ground resolution or GSD (Ground Sample Distance).

In the majority of circumstances, you may search for either a panchromatic imagery that usually has very high resolutions but only one band of display (normally black and white), or for a multispectral one, with high resolutions and three to four bands (normally RGB and RGBN, where R = Red, G = Green, B = Blue & N = Near – Infrared light).

The following table provides a brief listing of the most popular Satellites and their characteristics.
We conducted a long research and came up with some of the most prevailing high and very high-resolution satellite imagery providers, from where you may search, select and purchase your imagery.

1. Geocento

Geocento is an alumnus of the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre and is co-located with the Satellite Applications Catapult in the Harwell Space Cluster. Geocento provides a vast variety of very high-resolution imagery from a wide range of suppliers, including space agencies, traditional industry-leading commercial organizations and innovative new market entrants, covering respectively free imagery, the highest resolution imagery available from space, and imagery from new super-sampling constellations of satellites. While they supply traditional visible imagery, they also offer radar imagery that can be used to observe the surface during the night and cloudy conditions, and other advanced sensors that have been designed for the most advanced applications.

You may take a look at their very informative web page at… (pic 01).

Picture 01

Geocento has developed EarthImages, a suite of web-based applications and APIs which provide users of imagery with the necessary tools to search for, select and access imagery from a multitude of civilian satellites. You may visit the EarthImages app at, from where you may select your area of interest, your desirable resolution, the date range of the imagery, as well as a large number of other options and then go to your cart and purchase the selected imagery (pic 02).

Picture 02
Picture 02

Geocento has also developed an even more sophisticated satellite image search application for more experienced users, which you may see at (pic 03).

Picture 03
Picture 03

After you complete your registration you may “start a new campaign”, as they name it, by hitting the orange button, which will lead you to the advanced image search app (pic 04).

Picture 04
Picture 04
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