Top GIS Programming Languages You Should Use

Top GIS Programming Languages You Should Use
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Top GIS Programming Languages You Should Use

From revolutionizing the manner of map creation and design, to advancing the way manner of earth’s observation, GIS has grown into a well-rounded model or theory utilized in diverse fields.
No matter the extent GIS has evolved, certain phenomena are inseparable from GIS. One of them is programming languages. Given the fact that ninety percent of GIS is computerized, Programming languages are the core or foundation of GIS. They provide the skeletal framework for GIS to thrive. In the simplest language, no programing language, no GIS.
Experts and analysts in the domain of GIS are aware of this fact. Therefore, they utilize the top programming languages. In the domain of GIS, only a handful of programming languages are utilized. The following are the top programming languages used in GIS:

1. Python


Python is a widely used high-level programming language for general-purpose programming. It is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It is easy to learn and has a clear syntax. It is Versatile and supports complex data analysis and processing.
It is the perfect scripting language for GIS beginners and experts because of the flexible syntax. It has a large user community and there is plethora of free tutorials available online.
It is perfect for automating redundant geo-processing and it eliminates human error. There is many GIS software that can integtae tasks automating using Python; such as Arcpy, ArcGIS Python API. Also, any QGIS user could start writing small Python scripts for automating, customizing and extending QGIS, making their daily workflow an easier and more fun task to complete.

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  2. I think the most common language I’ve used when programming for GIS has been Foul. And from what I’ve seen of student work, their most common one was Gibberish.

  3. If your going to use sql in gis data, I would suggest that you think about Postgresql

    For the simple reason that you can process data with potgis and makes calls to Python or R modules via plpython3u or plr

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    Thus Update provides a good knowledge

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