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Understanding Coordinate Systems and Projections for ArcGIS

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SCGIS Webinar Series

Presenter: John Schaeffer, Juniper GIS

This presentation will take the mystery out of projections, coordinate systems, and datums. We’ll start with an overview of coordinate system terminology and concepts, and then specifically discuss how these concepts and issues apply to GIS and also how to apply this knowledge correctly in ArcGIS. This presentation is useful for anyone working with GIS or GPS, and is especially useful for people who need to understand how to work with coordinate systems and projecting data in ArcGIS.

John Schaeffer is the lead instructor for Juniper GIS Services and has over 24 years experience working with and teaching GIS to a wide variety of audiences. John has also been the lead instructor for the SCGIS Scholars program for several years and teaches for many conservation groups all over the world. the user-friendliness and sustainability of CIRC’s sites and applications.

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